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Default Re: 1.0-8178 black screen GeForce 5200/ nv vs nvidia

Aside from 3d acceleration, the nvidia driver might also help you use your screen in a laptop. On my Dell Latitude D800, the "nv" driver has a flaw I cannot work around. The laptop's native resolution is 1680x1050, but I prefer to use 1400x1050. Unlike the "nvidia" driver, which will show at whatever resolution I want, the nv will show 1400x1050 pixels inside the lcd display of the laptop, leaving about 1 inch of unused monitor on either side.

After saying that, I have to ask: are you serious? RedHat 7.2? That must be 5 years old! The gcc with that was version 2.95. Since RedHat canceled support on 7.2 about 3 years ago, why don't you get a newer Linux distro.
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