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Default Nvidia 6200 +hard lockup

Hello, have a pretty annoying problem - and cant seem to find out whats wrong - maybe someone have a suggestion i can try
I use twinview with two LCD's, one on DVI and one on VGA, the machine locks up randomly (usually within 2minutes at most 5minutes) after i start X.

My system is a HP - a AMD X2 4200+ with 2gb ram. (cant find a newer bios then i have - 3.35) and a GeForce 6200 TurboCache gfx PCI-Express card.
I run a gentoo stage1 installation with very basic/mild CFLAGS.

Have tried vanilla 2.6.15 kernel, with smp, without smp, with preempt, without preemt, same for vanilla
I also tried the pci=conf1 on kernel line, and i tried removing framebuffer support in kernel (as some suggested on gentoo forum) but still without luck.

I have tried different drivers, latest the 1.0-8178 with the patch from 11.01.06 - but the exactly same thing happends.
Tried the nv-driver, and it seems to work without lockup (3hour session).

I've ran the nvidia-settings to monitor the temperature on the gpu when it locked up, and most times its around 60C (its a fanless).
I can reproduce it very easily by running glxgears (usually 5-10seconds) and it either hardlock, give black screen or reboot.

The debug report is done with running X and switch to console, after a reboot when the system locked up.

Hope for reply!
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,
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