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Default Re: Linux on NForce 430 + GeForce 6150

To Zander:
From the webpage: "Update: NVIDIA has provided information (under NDA) that permits implementation of NCQ support."
Let there be great rejoicing!!! Thank you NVIDIA for this positive move!

Update to my previous post:
I tried the DSDT trick for ASUS A8N-VM CSM as described in this post.

These are the steps for Ubuntu:
1. Download the corrected DSDT from here:
2. > gunzip ASUS-A8N-VM_CSM-0506-original.asl.gz
3. > sudo cp ASUS-A8N-VM_CSM-0506-original.asl /etc/mkinitramfs/DSDT.aml
4. > sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)
5. reboot

This solves the problem with noapic - no special boot option is needed anymore! Cool'n'Quiet (powernow) now works as expected. It apparently doesn't fix network and sound though.

I have now even made my own DSDT based on the 0610 BIOS.
1. > sudo acpidump -t DSDT -b >0610.asl
2. > cp 0610.asl 0610new.asl
3. > hexedit 0610new.asl (change byte 0001d15 from 03 to 53 such that it reads PSSC instead of PS.C)
4. > sudo cp 0610new.asl /etc/mkinitramfs/DSDT.aml
5. > sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)
6. reboot
But there does not seem to be any significant difference from the 0506 one. Hopefully ASUS will correct their own mistakes soon...

Good luck out there!
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