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Originally posted by DaveBaumann
Really, the only time a DX developer would use Cg is if they are porting across to OpenGL as well, if you are doing DirectX only development, why would you use Cg?
if Cg produced code faster than the DX9 HLSL for all video cards. even if Cg produced faster code than DX9 HLSL for only nvidia cards, but the code produced for other vendors was just as faster as the code produced by the DX9 HLSL, i don't see why Cg shouldn't be used.

basically, as long as Cg doesn't hurt other vendors with respect to the DX9 HLSL i see no problem with using Cg, or any other compiler any company decides to make.

i could see in the case of a benchmark that you would want to be "fair" and thus not use a first party compiler. but for retail games, optimizations will be made, by hand if need be, as that is the reality right now. so compilers like Cg might as well be used if there is anything to gain.
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