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Default Re: mdraid vs. dmraid benchmark and Intel RAID0/RAID1 on same pair of drives

Finally found some documentation on how to do Matrix RAID using the mdraid driver. Look at the bottom of section
"It is perfectly possible to have several types of MD at once. For example if you have three 200 GB hard drives dedicated to MD, each containing two 100 GB partitions, you can combine first partitions on all three disk into the RAID0 (fast 300 GB video editing partition) and use the other three partitions (2 active and 1 spare) for RAID1 (quite reliable 100 GB partition for /home)."

There's just no how-to guide that I know of to do this. Sounds fairly simple though... you basically partition your drives, then each partition can be added to an mdraid "drive" as either RAID0 or RAID1. If you're using LVM, you can then add each mdraid drive into an LVM physical volume.
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