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Default Re: Nforce, Linux and the endless story of the drivers!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but i didn#t talk about graphic drivers in my post. I#m using since htree years only ati-cards. I was talking only about the nforce drivers for sound and usb. I talked the last days with many peoples at my university about this manufacturing problem. They all agreed that we need a world-wide Linux family to take action. I think that all the distributors of Linux have to discuss with the main manufactures for graphic adapters and for mainboards that they are responsible for providing Linux drivers with their products. But I think in this case Nvidia should open thier specifikations for nforce and the graphic adapters. Only at this way it is possible for the Linux distributors to create working drivers for all hardware. I know that all Linux distributors tried to implement nfocr drivers in the 2.6 Kernel. But most aren't working. So the manufactures should change their policy. Microsoft isn't the one and only producer of operating systems. For this reason the need open source drivers. The next think, my ATI card is working very good on Linux. For ATI you have only to create a special modul for your distribution. For me as Linuxnewbie(I#M working since five weeks on it) it was very simple to have a working driver for the graphic adapter. The driver from ATI gives th user the choice to compile this special packages. You can chose for SUSE,Mandrake,Ubuntu,Gentoo or direct for XOrg in different version. I have no idea about the Nvidia driver for graphic adapters but i think that the driver from ATI is simple and everyone can use it in the right way.
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