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Default Re: DFP and TV: I want DFP to be the primary display!

For me, being relatively new to the NVIDIA driver, the post from aritger above (06-03-04, 01:17 AM) in response to ThwartedEfforts was extremely important. Using "ConnectedMonitor" options with a separate X display (not twinview) configuration for DFP + CRT was the key to many hours of futile experiments and forum-searching. It would have been *really* nice if this info had been in the README. (It was not in the one that comes in the 8178 tar archive, embedded in the ".run". BTW, is the current README available on the NVIDIA web site somewhere?)

About the GUI (mentioned in the thread), sure that would probably be nice for many people, but for me, I don't care so much whether there is a GUI to handle the details, as long as the non-GUI info is complete/accurate...

On the chance it may help someone else, I was trying this on a Dell Precision M60 laptop with Quadro FX Go700, running Red Hat Fedora Core 3. My symptoms were a little different than what was reported earlier in this thread. First, not specifying "BusID"s produced non-useful results, but I don't remember the symptoms now. (I think some have said (perhaps not in this thread) that BusIDs are optional if there's only one card in the system, which sounded plausible and had been working in single-head mode.) After adding the BusID's, the DFP was being used for *both* X displays, which resulted in what looked to be a fresh (presumably new-user) KDE configuration, running on the DFP only, but which seemed to be unresponsive (mouse cursor moved, but clicks did nothing). Eventually I noticed that moving the mouse horizontally off the left edge of the screen wrapped back around the right edge, and that the log file had pieces of information for both the CRT and DFP in the display 1 messages. I was just about to give up when I stumbled into this thread.

Now my next challenge is to figure out why I'm getting two new KDE desktop configurations: one on the DFP (:0.0), which looks pretty much like my original one (which BTW, is still present and magically returns if I restore my original (single-head) xorg.conf) but is missing the few autostart apps I use; and the other on the external CRT (:0.1), which looks like the new-user config that erroneously showed up on the DFP earlier. So there are now apparently 3 different configs, yet I see rather little correlation to that in the ~/.kde tree. (But then I'm no expert on KDE configs.) Anyway, I think this is a minor problem compared to not working...

Thank you, aritger !

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