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Default Corrupt graphics in certain games on GF4 4200 GO

A friend of mine is having a bit of an issue with a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop with a Geforce 4 4200GO card. In certain games like Beyond Good and Evil and the Stubbs the Zombie demo, the screen is totally corrupted when they run them. Music plays in the background and you can even navigate through the menus using the keyboard (even though you can't tell what you're doing since you can't see it), but the display is totally garbled, almost like everything is squished into the upper-left of the screen and run through a blender. We've tried using the original drivers that came with the PC, the latest ones released by Dell, and the newest Forceware ones from, but it still has screen corruption with them. I've tried having them disable shaders in Rivatuner thinking that maybe it was an issue with the pixel/vertex shaders or something like that, but again it still has the exact same problem.

Any ideas on what else we can try? In stuff like HL2 the card works perfectly, but it's just a few random ones that it has this issue in. Just to verify, Rivatuner reports the card as being: "128 bit nv28 (a2) with 64 mb ddr", so it's definately a typical GF4 card (laptop varient, of course). Any help or suggestions you can give is appreciated. Oh, and here's an example picture of how Stubbs looks:
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