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Default Choosing an nvidia card for mythtv

I've decided to turn my Linux machine into a MythTV box, but I've got some upgrading to do. One of the big issues is the video card.

I've spent quite a bit of time surfing the nvidia web looking for key features. It would be much easier if they had a product selection guide. I've also spent some time here researching some of the issues folks are having. I'm thinking that a card which supports purevideo would be a good thing (though I don't know that it will work with Linux). Seems that the 6x00 and FX cards are where I should focus my attention.

I'm looking for HDTV output to my Mitsubishi 55" via a DVI connector. I'm a bit concerned about the 6600 cards - seems there are lots of complaints about them. However, it also seems some progress has been made since the first of the year. I expect I'll stick with PCI, since PCI-X is not supported by my MoBo.

What nvidia cards fill the bill for HD-1080 via a DVI connector, PCI, quiet operation, and other frills (purevideo?) which will make this venture a plesant one.
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