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Originally posted by Lezmaka
oooooooook, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

maybe you better tell the peeps at infogrames that their website is messed up

2.3k would be 2300, not 2k3

2k = 2000
3 = 3
2k3 = 2003

it's called a shortcut
There was someone at Beyond3d who pointed out that what you say is wrong.

"Also... 2k is engineering notation for 2000 -- so 2k2 means 2200, and 2k3 means 2300...the 'k' is a multiplier, in this case 1000, which goes where the decimal place would be. So it should be 2k003. Which isn't any savings at all and doesn't look nearly so cool. Sorry... pet peeve "</a>

That's also not including my electronics and physics class.

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