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Default Re: Nforce, Linux and the endless story of the drivers!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by kingsasch
I very angry about the policy of the hardware manufactures. There are many problems to get correct drivers for the linux system. I requested support at asus for the nforce2 and they answered that i have to ask for my problems at nvidia. nvidia show at their pages that everyone has to contact the manufacturerer for support. It's like a kidding game.
The problem with the nforce at linux is the wrong sound driver. Nvidia uses a patched driver for OSS. But OSS is deprecated in the latest linux distributions and it#s not possible to use dolby surround with linux.
I read in the last days that Bill Gates stated, that Linux got 960% more users in the last year. I think it's time for the manufactures of hardware to watch for the growing Linux community and to distribute working drivers for all the different distributions.

Your bitching doesn't change anything!

You want boards with everything supported and opensource?
By Uli!
Or Via!

It is your own f* fault to buy hardware, that is incompletly supported.

So stop bitching and start voting with your wallet!
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