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Default Re: New AGP Mobo with ULi 1695 Chipset = No more gfx accelration :(

My experience was this:

After fitting the new motherboard, my xorg.conf setting Option "NvAgp" "1" was ignored and the command:

"cat /proc/driver/nvidia/registry"

..listed NvAgp as being "3"

cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status

Was displaying "DISABLED"

I was previously using an ABIT KX-333 which has a Via chipset. This worked well with Option "NvAgp" "1"

I thought it was odd that the nVidia graphics driver had no "NvAgp" "1" support for the Uli north bridge (Uli being an nVidia company) so I gave up trying to use "NvAgp" "1" and tried to use agpgart instead, by compiling it directly into the kernel (not as a module). That was my mistake.

When that did not work, I posted here as a last resort.

I searched the web and found a web page ( 1.0-8174/README/32bit_html/appendix-f.html) that says the nVidia Linux drivers only work with the linux kernel's "agpgart" when agpgart is compiled as a module.

I recompiled the kernel, including agpgart as a module and the Northbridge is now correctly detected.

So I apologise if I wasted anyone's time on this, and my question is, are there any plans to include support for Uli north bridges on Athlon 64 motherboards? I guess it is not necessary but maybe it would give a performance gain. I had higher frame rates using NvAgp 1 than using NvAgp 3 when I had my Via system.
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