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Originally posted by Chalnoth
Only 3DMark03 is marketted as a gamers' benchmark, not as a DirecX benchmark.
Oh, don't be daft.

3D Platforms. The dominant 3D platform on PCs is Microsoft DirectX. 3DMark releases have coincided with major DirectX versions - 3DMark 2000 with DirectX7, 3DMark2001 with DirectX8, and 3DMark2001 SE with DirectX 8.1. Accordingly, 3DMark03 targets DirectX® 9 features and continues the tradition being a forward-looking benchmark. We hope to give the user a view into state-of-the-art 3D graphics not only today, but also up to one and half years into the future. OpenGL is another popular 3D platform, especially in CAD and
scientific applications. As Direct3D has higher usage in games and more uniform driver support, we only support Direct3D. However, we actively monitor the progress of OpenGL adoption.
No doubt you've already read the comments fron Worm/Neeyik/AJ at B3D in what they are targetting - it just obtuse to say that its marketted as a 'Gamers benchmark' and not a DirectX benchmark. It is margetted as both.
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