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Default Re: Geforce FX5200 TwinView help!

After all this time and driver revisions, I still am unable to get an FX5200 to work with TwinView.

I've tried every combination of DFP & CRT on the "ConnectedMonitor" line (including "CRT,CRT" while using a DVI->DB15 adapter and two "regular" VGA displays) and it never works.

I either get the:

Configuration not supported by hardware (when setting ConnectedMonitor to DFP/CRT)

message (as shown above) or:

Only one display device connected; disabling TwinView (when setting ConnectedMonitor to CRT/CRT.)

I am so completely frustrated I could just scream! (Actually, I have screamed about this problem many times, mostly lots of 4 letter words.)

Why isn't it detecting the second display?!?! I always end up seeing a clone of the main display on the secondary display.

There. I feel a little better. Can anybody recommend a video card that is known to support TwinView, works in a regular AGP 8X slot (no PCI-Express) and doesn't have any fans? I could care less about 3D performance; I just want dual monitors!!!

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