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Default 6800 Ultra & Win98SE

Has anyone got a 6800 running on Win '98?
My HD crashed last friday (after some buzzing/clicking), and I couldn't reboot XP or access the drive from DOS . I found a really old HD (2Gb, Win98) and installed it, but when I tried to install nvidia drivers, I got the message "no nvidia chip found on this system". I did a format/reinstall of 98, but drivers still didn't detect the card. I tried installing Belarc and Everest, but they didn't detect the card either. I tried reseating it, changed power leads, but nothing. Then I tried an old Radeon 7000 and it worked fine, so I figured the HD crash had killed my 6800 Ultra as well.
I got a new 250Gb Barracuda HD this morning, Monday, and installed XP (still using the Radeon 7000). I eventually plucked up the courage to try my 6800, and hey presto! the drivers installed fine!

Sorry for the long post, but I'm just really relieved that my card's ok so I had to share the story. I've been smiling all day, after spending the weekend worrying about the cost of a PCI-E upgrade.
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