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Default Re: Asus A8N-VM (CSM) - new BIOS 0610 released, still no ACPI fix

Originally Posted by zbiggy
If a lot of people will flood Asus with 'ACPI fix request' they will consider it as important and will fix. Otherwise some of us get "Taiwan is working on it" and nothing more will happen. The ACPI error is trivial to fix and "Taiwan is working on it " looks a little bit funny for me .
Yeah ! Let's flood !

"Morgoth is working on it" (TM) : I replied (again) to ASUS tech support this night.

Hope this will be useful...before we get asleep !

For those who want an ISO image to uprade the bios without floppy: I updated the one available here for version 0506.
The new one allows an upgrade in 0610 (command: afudos /i0610.rom as indicated in readme file with bios). Get it here

What is really annoying is that the ASUS board is a good one considering design, performances etc. I also tested a Gigabyte with GF6150: the ASUS seems better.
If ASUS could update its BIOS correctly, it would be perfect. All other problems (I don't have much) are related to drivers (alsa, forcedeth and nvidia graphics driver).

So, we can hope that all will be fixed someday.
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