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Default Re: Help with EQ2 Graphic Engine

Originally Posted by PaiN
I tried "Trial of the Isle" yesterday.....its not a bad MMOG, but the engine still is buggy as hell....I was putting up with it, then suddenly my character's left arm & shoulder dissappered...that was it, running around with no arm was all I could take.

Its a Dual Core issue most ppl report it fixed after using the MSHOTFIX for dual core's under sp2

SOE has a tech support sticky for it on the EQ2 forums

I play on HQ@1600x1200 no aa 4x AF (with a few tweaks to shadows/complex shader distance)on a Asroc dual sata939 4600+ dual core with 2GB ddr400 ram and a 6800ultra agp(awaitting the x1900 to hit before i upgrade gfx)and it runs pretty good,40-60 in outdoor area's 20-30 in citys with the odd dip it crowded area's one thing the eq2 engine is a RAM hungy mofo & i found going from 1gb to 2gb helpped smooth the game out no end

The engine while still a little buggy is based on a pretty cool concept & i know a lot of ppl are pissed off they cant run it full tilt even on extreme systems but it is the best looking MMO ive played and i know that the visual's will only get better as i can scale the ingame settings with my system over the coming years unlike something like WOW which unless billzard release a massive gfx update for will still look like a blurry/cartoony mess even if it does run at 100+fps
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