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Default Re: 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing

OK. I'll get a bug report. It probably wont be for a day or two, but I have found something else that you may be able to address. This might be the issue. I found this posting on a debian users list regarding nvidia 6600 chipsets.

For those interested, and since it's of importance e.g. for
xawtv users looking for hardware scaling:

at least on the 6600 chip, and presumably on all newer ones,
Nvidia has dropped the Xvideo overlay support available on
earlier chips. The 6800 chip should still be OK though, being
an older architecture (NV40 vs. NV41 for the 6600).

That is, users looking for video hardware scaling (or so
called YUV acceleration) won't find them on those chips.

This can be recognized e.g. by the ports xvinfo lists. On
my Ti4600 they were

Xvideo: video4linux: input video, ports 139-139
Xvideo: NV17 Video Overlay: input image, ports 140-140
Xvideo: NV17 Video Texture: input image, ports 141-141
Xvideo: NV05 Video Blitter: input image, ports 142-173
Xvideo: NVIDIA Video Interface Port: input video, ports 174-174

and on the 6600GT the only left are

Xvideo: video4linux: input video, ports 270-270
Xvideo: NV17 Video Texture: input image, ports 271-271
Xvideo: NV05 Video Blitter: input image, ports 272-303

Especially, the video overlay port is missing.

Also, the following line is now missing in XFree86.0.log:

(II) NVIDIA(0): v4l[/dev/video0]: using hw video scaling [YUY2]

Consequently, users e.g. looking for xawtv to run in Xvideo mode
without black borders should avoid at least the 6600 chip resp.
corresponding cards.


This appears to explain the issue I'm having. Does the GeForce 6600 have XVideo support for overlays/scaling? If not, then that's my problem.
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