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Default Re: Asus A8N-VM (CSM) - new BIOS 0610 released, still no ACPI fix

don't thing ASUS cares,... had send them a support request, at the time , I could not even install suse,.... and they had for another board 5PD, an alsa zip file,... but not for this board,... they still have not put it up,....
the NIC still gets lost, on some reboots,... OC works definitly does not go above 240mhz, runs stable 220,... and on 510 they changed the menu,...
my next MB, will not be an asus....
--- anybody tried the foxconn ?

cheers, Robert Schultz
grew up on Sun Os, now got forced on windoz, at home trying to survive on SuSe linux,....
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