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Default Re: Nforce, Linux and the endless story of the drivers!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by rsrtfm
hello, you 'd say, ULI is opensource,... any better luck with SuSe 10.0 ?
do need an micro-atx mb,... what's the different with VIA vs. ULI ?

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Via uses uhci-usb
Via is known for crappy PCI performance (nvidia too, so if you need pci-performance, because you are using controller cards, tv cards or other stuf, don't buy it)
Via is known for data corrupting PCI quirks
Via has some pretty crappy IDE implementations.

ULI uses the AHCI Sata implementation in their newer chips (which is a good thing).

For the 939DualSata2 you should use a kernel >= 2.6.14 or you have to download and install the (open source) network driver. This is not demanding, but if you are too scared to build your own modules, try a later kernel.
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