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Default Re: Dell 2405FPW and 6800GT: Good Gaming Combination?

Sounds like a great monitor that will force me to consider my next video card upgrade, but won't be too hard to handle with my current card for now.

GuOD, WoW stutters occasionally at 1600x1200, but works fine. I never use AA at these higher resolutions for any games. They don't really need it, IMO. The jaggies might be more noticable on a larger monitor, though, so we'll have to see. BF2 definitely gives me the chops at 1600x1200, but I am a casual gamer in BF2. I am used to getting killed all the time anyway. I dumb down things like shadows, etc. which frankly don't add too much of value, and the game works good enough. I can always keep it at 16x12 and just run in the center of the new monitor, I suppose.

OWA, I know... I hate running games at anything less than optimal, but whatcha gonna do? I can't afford to stay up with the hardware curve. Before I get my next video card, I'll have to move to PCI-E everything. Not looking forward to that.

rflair, as I understand it, WoW DOES run in widescreen. Supposed to look excellent. See this thread. Also, thanks for the link to the Widescreen forum. Really good stuff there.
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