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Default Thermal monitoring again?

Hey all,

I'm running ubuntu 5.10 on a new machine I just built with an eVGA 7800GT.

nvidia-settings gui gives me no thermal readings at all although the colored graphs are MAXED OUT! This scared me a bit until I ran:

overlord@biggun2:~$ nvidia-settings -q GPUCoreTemp
  Attribute 'GPUCoreTemp' (biggun2:0.0): 38.
I'm assuming that is pretty low... anyway, I built nvclock_gtk 0.8 from source and noticed that "Hardware Monitoring" shows me a GPU Temperature of 44 C.

Running glxgears runs both up another 10 degrees or so but they are always 8-10 degrees apart. I understand that the "Core" should be the hottest part of the GPU so why does nvidia-settings GPUCoreTemp always read lower than nvclock?

I haven't put this machine under any heavy loads (graphics wise) yet but plan to do so. What is a "high" temperature for this gpu? When should I get worried?

Thanks in advance!
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