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Thumbs up Re: Can we use virtual screen sizes to compensate for overscanning?

I tried what korpenkraxar suggested for modifying the modelines to shrink the picture for my 720p output and it worked perfectly! No more 91:47 aspect ratios, and finding ways of forcing mplayer, mythtv, and xine to use a portion of the screen!

I had to change the screen resolutions by increments of 8 pixels, or else the picture ended up tiny for some reason. I'm doing this with VGA output to a component convertor so I suspect that korpenkraxar's problem is that it's only set up to accept standard TV modes (ntsc, pal, 720p, 1080i, etc) on a "tv-out" device. There might be a way to modify this (remove the tvstandard line?) or force it to use a non-standard mode over component out. Anybody?

Haven't done any of this yet because its near-perfect, but [url=""] has some methods for moving the picture around once you find the proper size. And btw, the methods for shrinking the screen listed there aren't sufficient for getting it much smaller horizontally without generating underscan vertically.

I'll try to find the old command-line options I had for mplayer and xine for video output sizes and aspect ratios that work if you can't modify X's resolution. Mplayer did have an option that didn't require messing with video filters.
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