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Default gozilla,spyware and freezing win98

i just had worst experience with gozilla,well with some stuff u get with it.

i installed it cause i like feats u can get to help u dl things......but as soon as i connected to the net ZoneAlarm started to show me that 3...not 1,but 3 programms are trying to connect also.....i closed my connection,look around and found them all in gozilla directory.....offcourse i wasn't informed during the install that i gonna get 3 programms that will try to connect to internet without me knowing.

i deleted them.....cleaned registry ( partially ) and continued to use my comp.......BUT >> as soon as i turned my comp off and tryed to start it later windows began to freeze while's win98 btw.....i used safe mode,looked and found nothing i assumed it had to be something i installed or deleted recently >> gozilly offcourse.....i cleaned ragistry as much as i could,looked in .ini files ,whatever came to my mind i did......unistalled gozilla also.......problem remained.....

last thing was to re-install i did and guess what >> no more freezing.

i don't know howto get rid of that damn thing without formating my c drive so i'll prolly do it......after all there isn't any data on it,it's only big enough for win98 and few smaller programs,but it is 2-3 hours work........

i hate when there is stuff installed without asking and comp is MY PROPERTY and stunts like this really p*** me off

i had to post this story cause ppl should be aware about stuff like this......
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