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Default 3DMark06 Reports 11mhz GPU Core?

Very very strange. I was just on the ORB and notice my core is reported as 11mhz. I ran 415/1113 for a 3289 run (only at 1024x768, stupid crt died and i'm on a small lcd until tomarrow) I'm on 82.12 So I traveled over to the 3DMark approved drivers page and there are no 06 approved drivers noted, however when you search the ORB for 06 approved... 81.98. Just wondering if anyone ells has seen this. I don't think it's anything to worry about score wise and I'm not seeing any graphic corruption. I guess I'm going to roll back to 81.98 and see what happens.
Glad to see they finally finished 3DMark05 though.

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