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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by Clay
Very true! I've never messed with torrents but decided to give Azureus a whirl tonight, did some crash course reading on their wiki on all the ins/outs of what I need to know settings-wise. I had my u/l set to anywhere between 60~115KB/s and was getting about 40KB/s d/l...but that was slowing my browsing quite a bit so I dropped u/l to 20KB/s and then I started getting 200KB/s + d/l speeds! Sorry, I know I'm a noob at Azureus, just neat to see the tweaking pay off.
oh great choice, i love azureus. if you have your router configured correctly, you can get direct connections and it absolutely flies. also, if the tracker is down, azureus has an awesome de-centralized tracker. great program
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