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Default may move to NVidia GeForce - pre-buy information please


I am using Linspire 5.0 since a month. I also presently own an ATI Radeon 9200 that I bought before moving from Windows to Linux. I've been trying to have OpenGL and 3D working for the ATI for almost a month now, unsuccessfully.

Since I am getting tired of this, I am now thinking of moving to NVidia... from what I could read on various Linux forums, there seems to be better Linux support with NVidia than ATI.

I'd like to know a few things before I buy a new card...

- Once I have it installed, will simply running "redetect" at Linspire bootscreen take care of everything regarding setup, including OpenGL and 3D (that would be the perfect world...)?

- If not, could you tell me a bit of your experience regarding setting-up OpenGL / 3D for this card? What steps will I have to follow, what obstacles I may be challenged with, etc...

I would highly appreciate getting your feedback before I spend money on a new video card. Of course, I would be buying one of the 3 NVidia cards listed on the Linspire hardware compatibility page - I don't want to run into any more troubles or complications...

Thanks a lot and have a great day!
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