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Default Re: Check out this cyberpunk mmorpg.. Neocron 2

i played ao for years, and i know what it is to be in your shoes wanting to like a game etc that isnt fantasy. i went thru the same thing. but here are the facts about this game in particular.

its 2006 and theyre still using at the core a hobbyists 3d engine. a bitmap skybox w/ an overbright light source just doesnt cut it anymore. it didnt cut it last year either.

the combat system is pretty weak. little thought went into it, hence why so few professions.

people touted the pvp system in this game for years. i was there at its peak, and its lows. but realistically, thats ALL there is to do unless you want to get groups to kill the same 4 mob types over and over.

the sounds in this game are laughable. a rifle shouldnt sound like an air soft.

the animations are low frame and very choppy at that. seriously they would have been better off just importing stuff thats available for free for poser3d. but then again, i dont even think this engine can take poser animations. which is sad considering, poser aint all that great.

i hate fantasy crap too i hear ya there i really do. i tried going back to ao recently, and while its still a great game, im just not feeling the playerbase w/ the addition of the freebie account people. it kinda just let the floodgates of riff raff in.

i hadnt tried city of heroes since they added city of villians and let me tell you something about that game. i havent seen a more balanced, content rich game in a long time and furthermore, i havent had this much fun since 2002. although a lot of people hated enhancement diversification that the last major publish rolled out, it did add a lot of depth to character skill planning i think. not in a more options way, but having had some of the more no brainer builds made worthless, people HAD to get creative to keep their characters viable and thats a good thing. with the addition of zeb cook (lord recluse) to the design team the game has gotten deeper and more balanced. rightly so, hes the guy that wrote advanced dungeons and dragons second edition for tsr as well as a ton of the more popular module systems in the various d and d universes. also did a lot of cool work on d20 system games. the engine is rich with shaders and is opengl, also uses the ageia novodex physics engine which also means, the game is ready for physx cards that are coming out hopefully soon. but the big thing is its ready TODAY.

neocron couldnt ever hope to have as much content, an engine as advanced, nor could even at its peak dream to have as many players as all its old servers used to have (4 i believe?) as 1 coh/cov server has on its slowest day.

you should give it a shot, i think youll have more fun. ive played neocron on and off for a long time and i just hate the thought of any nvnews member running around only to be teleport camped when they actually wanna do sometihng, or end up in pepper park going "wow, low res boobies" because every place they might want to go is camped to hell and back.

you should give it a try
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