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Default Re: Check out this cyberpunk mmorpg.. Neocron 2

Tbh the game DOES look good, Combat system is REALLY good unless u dont know what u are doing.

Its all about how u setup your character, and how u setup your resists against attacks. This system goes very deep. I cannot explain all the things u can do cause its simply too much.

U say there are only 4 classes. Each of these classes can be used for a viarity of things.

Example, A spy... he can be a tradeskiller, a driver, pistol combat person, rifle combat person, hacknet person and it will take alot of fiddling aroud with your setup as a character will u ever gonna be able to kill other runners.

Ive never played City of villains be4, simple cause i passed the age of 12 years old and superman doesnt seem to be super any more.

And trust me, i played EQ2 (and more mmorpgs) on high details and crapp.. it pales compared to nc2.1 cause that game isnt complex, offers nothing, u make a barbarian.. umm what can i do.. umm nothing.. lvl up, get premade skills... tilll u cant lvl no more.. quit game.. lol thats how u guys like it...

Andway this thread has been made completely useless, thanks to kind people of nvnews.. Mods delete this threat since it doesnt represent Nc2.1 as it should be. People making comments that played this game for like 30mins should stfu and get back to playing WoW.

And if u get an error while installing and u blame NC for it... ROFL (problem clearly lies between chair and keybord). Bunch of noobs..
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