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Default Re: Check out this cyberpunk mmorpg.. Neocron 2

Ok mayb i came off a bit hard on u, but look at them posts here.. Its like im dealing with actuall 12 year olds, that dont have a creditcard then start to post here that the game isnt worth your time.
Then u come and say go play CoV... Now thats what i didnt want hear in this thread after all the "usefull" critisism of some people.

Anyways, enjoy your birthday and enjoy your time in CoV. Superheroes FTW !!!

Edit : its 2006 and theyre still using at the core a hobbyists 3d engine. a bitmap skybox w/ an overbright light source just doesnt cut it anymore. it didnt cut it last year either.

the combat system is pretty weak. little thought went into it, hence why so few professions.

people touted the pvp system in this game for years. i was there at its peak, and its lows. but realistically, thats ALL there is to do unless you want to get groups to kill the same 4 mob types over and over.

the sounds in this game are laughable. a rifle shouldnt sound like an air soft.

the animations are low frame and very choppy at that. seriously they would have been better off just importing stuff thats available for free for poser3d. but then again, i dont even think this engine can take poser animations. which is sad considering, poser aint all that great.

Uve never seen NC2(.1) as i gather it. Theres absolutly nothing wrong with the sounds (wich have been improved as well with 2.1). The enemy mobs animations could be better i agree. PvP system being weak? Of all the comments u made this 1 seems weird since the whole game revolves around the pvp system it has. Then u say theres is no more than pvp besides killing the same mobs. There are new zones, new mobs, and killing the same mobs goes for WoW, EQ2 and probably CoV as well. This very pvp thing goes so deep in how to setup your character to be effective in pvp.
Did u take a look at the new screenshots? They actually revamped the engine, using compressed textures, a whole new landscape for all wasteland zones with new trees, grass, ground textures, shadows are being cast on models.

Ugly skybox? i need glasses perhaps, this skybox dynamically changes to any weather effect, even snow (yes thats new as well), i see clouds moving below "the overbrighted" lightbox..i dunno it looks stunning to me.

Dude have u even played nc2(.1)? Seems like u only played nc1 wich was fun as well, u spend 2.5 years on it...
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