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Talking 512MB HIS X1800XT + Opteron 170 + 3dmark06

Well it seems 3dmark06 favours nVidia a bit more, but that doesn't stop ATI owners trying to see how they fair against users/cards in their own categories


Opteron 170 CCBWE 0546XPMW cooled by Corsair Hydrocool 200EX
DFI NF4 UT SLI-DR R.AB0 11/14-3 bios
512MB HIS X1800XT + Acetal Maze4 Low Profile GPU block with Cat 5.13 drivers
4x 80GB Hitachi 7K80 SATAII Raid 0 OS drive
1x 250GB Maxtor Maxline Plus II PATA
Pioneer DVD Burner
Floppy drive
510W PC Powercooling SLI PSU

WinXP Pro SP2
NF4 6.53WHQL chipset drivers

Using 2x 1GB OCZ PC4000EB Platinum 3-3-2-8 rated memory

Overclocking method:
How X1800XT was overclocked is listed at HIS X1800XT uses original bios never been flashed.

10x260HTT = 2600mhz
2GB OCZ PC4000EB Platinum @260mhz 3-3-2-5 7-14-2223 at 2.64v vdimm

@621/747 stock speeds = 4,297

@702/801 manually set speeds = 4,702

@756/900 max stock hsf air speeds = 5,029

@810/900 comfy speeds = 5,245

@810/936 see how mem speed helps = 5,288

@816/981 max card clocks from 3d2k05 = 5,357

#7 X1800 series score so far
#1 X1800 single card score so far

* Seems cpu score goes up by 1pt for every 1mhz for dual core Opteron cpu at least
* For X1800 series cards in Canyon test there's weird discolouration of parts of the test maybe ATI driver issues and maybe lowering our scores in 3dmark06 ???? Read and

How about we change the resolution of the 3dmark06 to 1600x1200 and see how it fairs

3dmark06 @1600x1200

10x260HTT = 2600mhz
2GB OCZ PC4000EB @260mhz 3-3-2-5 at 2.64v

@621/747 = 3,613

@702/801 = 3,968

@756/900 = 4,253

@810/900 = 4,447

@816/981 = 4,544

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