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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by Flavius
Something is wrong with your system... I have a slower system with same video yet I scored 2305.
Nah, I have old drivers, nothing is overclocked, and did not tweak ANYTHING.(hell i actually probably left on AA/AF... i just ran the benchmark)

My computer plays games BEAUTIFULLY. I get compliments on how I run games so smooth all the time for the type setup I have. I might have semi old drivers, but they run games VERY good. I know I can pull a 2300 easy, but I'm not screwing up all my settings just for a lameass benchmark.

I mean seriously? A CPU benchmark that your computer NEVER goes over 0 FPS? To be quite honest, I seriously doubt ANY CPU hits 10FPS for those benchmarks in AT LEAST 3-5 years, possibly longer. How REDICULOUS is that.... really? This benchmark is a JOKE. If you want I can tweak my stuff then benchmark just to prove my point, but i doubt anyone cares.
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