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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

My score was 2563 with my m170 laptop noted below. Of course much of what I saw was a slide show, but comparing scores I think I'm OK.

But I believe it borked my DirectX. During install 3dMark06 said it needed to update DirectX files from 12/05 to run. So I clicked OK and it was done. But now the new Star Wars demo doesn't run, stating some files were corrupt. Anyone else have this problem?

Dell XPS m170
PentiumM760 @ 2.0ghz, 533fsb, 2mb cache
1gig DDR2 @ 533ghz
256mb Go 6800 Ultra @ stock speeds (450mhz, 1.06ghz) = NV42 = 6800GS!
Forceware 82.10
Windows MCE 2005
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