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Default startx gives black screen / pcix nvidia prob help!

i'm trying to install my nvidia drivers. im running gentoo
i do:
emerge nvidia-glx
modprobe nvidia

i changed my xorg to start glx and not start dri, nv is now nvidia.

the nvidia module loads, but when i do startx i get a black screen.
my specs:
PCI-X 7800gt
dfi nf4 mobo

i read somewhere that i need agpgart disabled in kernel config, so i did that, and it still doesnt work.

my question is,.. what is the solution to this black screen problem.

PCIX is enabled in kern config... i enabled it in 1 place... don't know if that was it.

i think it may help if i can see some logs, but how do i check them? after the black screen comes up the system is unusable.

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