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Default Multi-Booting

These questions cover several areas, so I wasn't certain where to place it, so I'm putting it where I think that the people best able to answer them will read.

I'm attempting to plan the partitioning of my harddrives to accomodate about 8 partitions...6 on the SATAs, which are set to a raid 0 array, and 2 on a single PATA. Currently, I have XP on C: on the SATAs. There is already 2 partitions on the PATA...the first is an old installation of XP, which I intend to do away with, and the second is unformatted. I attempted to format the unallocated second partition on the PATA with XP's Disk Management, but it appears to be designed to prevent that. I then used a Linux installer to view the partitions, and to attempt the formatting of the same partition, but that failed also, because it seemed to require an actual installation of the OS to proceed. The reason that I need to do this first, is because the old XP installation has some data that I need to archive, before formatting that partition, and I do not have enough room left on the current XP partition. Is there a way to accomplish this without buying another partitioning program?

The second question is, that since I'm not an expert in this, I'm a bit confused about the fashion that the BIOS, XP and Linux sees the SATA drives in raid. The 2 80GB drives are seen by the BIOS as a single drive, twice as large as either single drive. But XP shows the XP partition appropriately at the size that I had chosen (about 19GB) and the rest of the area as unallocated. Up to this point, I think that I generally understand, but in the Linux partitioning tool, it sees both of the drives separately, with XP partion only on the first SATA, with the rest of that drive and the 2nd SATA as being unallocated. Before I even setup the raid, I created a partition on the 2nd SATA to correlate with the one on the 1st, but Linux does not even see this. Since raid 0 is placing data on both SATAs at the same time, is it just using the 2nd drive any way that it pleases? If I install a Linux OS on the SATAs, is it going to do the same? I would prefer to have Linux on the SATAs, because the IDE controller has no raid function.

I have probably said more than I should have, but if anyone can sort through all of this and give me some help, I would certainly appreciate it.
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