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Default Re: Re: Mandrake 9.1b HELP!

Originally posted by bwkaz
NO, they will NOT work with anything other than Mandrake 9.

The problem is that Mandrake 9.1 beta uses a different kernel. The precompiled RPMs were not built against that kernel. You need to find the kernel source (which, BTW, Mandrake apparently didn't put on the 9.1 Beta CDs, at least according to a few other people), install it, and compile the drivers yourself. Although NVchooser would have told you that...

I ran NVchooser before and it told me to download these files: (THIS is what is cuasing me to mess up I think


I tried these, from the IA32 (Which I am assuming is the correct area to download from) And this files are causing me to get the black screen, I edited the xfree86 config file as well and changed nv to nvidia still, no luck

When you say compile the kernel, do you mean the linux kernel or these modules for open gl? I think you meant the downloads from this website correct?

(Sorry I am normally not this Linux dumb lol but I just don't wanna mess this up before I try it again Mandrake is nothing like SuSE)
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