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Default Re: X freeze (2 video cards)

Originally Posted by netllama
I have a few questions:
0) Does this reproduce without a PRE_EMPT enabled kernel?
1) Does this reproduce without RenderAccel and the Composite extension?
2) How are you using the Coolbits option?
3) Why are you using the ConnectedMonitor option?
4) Does this reproduce without RandR/RandRRotation?
5) What kind of motherboard and BIOS version are you using?
6) Have you tried different values for NvAGP?
7) Have you tried putting the FX5200 in a different PCI slot?

0) I will try this later tonight. It was working fine for the past bunch of kernel versions fine with PRE_EMPT.
1) Yes, it does
2) I'm not right now. I just have it in there to see the option in nvidia-settings. I havn't used it.
3) With previous driver versions, my monitors would get incorrectly detected, so I just got into the habit of having that in there. Once it starts working again, I'll try without it and see if it works now or not.
4) Yes, it does
5) MSI Neo-FISR ( Bios verison 3.6 (latest version. Been that version for awhile)
6) Yes, with no change
7) Yes, I have, no change.
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