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Default Scaling resolution for LCD and OpenGL

I installed an nvidia driver on my Debian Linux x86_64 with an nvidia GeForce 4 Go. It works fine, but I need to tweak a setting.
When I play Unreal Tournament 2004, the resolution does not scale to cover all the LCD screen. The native resolution for my screen is 1900x200 and running at this resolution is too slow for OpenGl. So I run it on 1280x800 or somthing like that.
I used to have Suse on this system with the nvidia driver, and the scaling was done automatically. So I know it is possible.
Does somebody know how to get this setting set?
I tryed using the "FlatPanelProperties" "Scaling-scaled"
and the X server does accepst the setting but it has no effect on the OpenGl Unreal Game.

Any help is appreciated
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