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Now, I'm more confused than ever. Perhaps I just misunderstood, but according to a conversation that you were involved in, was part of the reason that I changed mobos. Right now, I would like to skip over the aspect of whether the 2 drives are seen singley or as one. Even if the drives are seen as one, if the OS is installed in only a partition of the first drive, then how is the data organized on the second? Is the partition also mirrored, or does the raid utilize the entire drive anyway that it pleases? On a previous MSI board, with a VIA Raid Controller, it appeared that the raid function worked okay on Linux, but not on xP. However, I assumed that this was because I had chosen too small of a block size in the stripe array.

Another point of confusion, on the current board is that it has a VIA K8T800Pro chipset and a VT8237 chip which is supposed to control the raid function, but this is the only one that there is no manual available on the Asus website.

Yet, in on the driver CD, and the instructions in the manual, it only listed a VIA 6420 raid control driver. It would seem logical that the the driver number and the chip number would be the same. On their website they did have a manual listed for the VIA 6420, so maybe this is what I need...I really don't know.
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