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Digit-life has updated their GeforceFx review and included Doom3 alpha scores.
i cant find anything about updates ,
didnt these benchmarks are the same posted
weeks ago ?

or digitlife is using newer ATI/Nvidia drivers?

Originally posted by jbirney
you really must be joking right?

Which out of the 5 rendering paths did the nV30 use? What path did the R300 take? Did you happen to really read the .plan file by JC last month?
well it looks like Digit life is using the
standarGL COnfig.. in both the NV30 and the R300..

so can we say that both are using the maximun
precision of both cards? 96bits and 128bits?

the only card using propietary paths
according with Digitlife in that benchmarks, is the Geforce4 ,for obvious reasons. it doesnt have Fp color precision ,like any other DIrectx8 card.

i know the game test are in Doom3 alpha ,but i think
it is still good info , and a no surprising one ,
considering the Geforcefx fillrate ,and how consistent
its in raw performance , when no AA/AF is used .
something that i dont think we would see to its
maximun levels in current generation video cards
in Doom3 ,because of Performance issues.

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