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Originally posted by gokickrocks
since this 2k3 has not been solved, here is my take on it...

in engineering notation and scientific for that matter...
k = e^3

you dont have numbers after the notation unless its the order of the power, so you would have to take the 3 as a multiplication

it would be...
2(e^3)3 = 6000

for 2003, you would have to put...
2.003k or 2k+3
Talk about beating dead horse. Anyway, if you type in "2k3" as a google search, the most common references that pop up refer to the abbreviation of 2003. Therefore, I think it is safe to conclude that a reference to "2k3" clearly communicates "2003" to the majority of people.

Okay, back on topic. Maybe we can have the 2k3 debate in the Off-Topic forum.
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