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Red face Help me get the most out of my 6800 GS

heres my setup, 6800 gs, 6150 onboard, 1 moniter on each, the one on the 6800 is a 19 inch the one on the 6150 is a smaller 15 inche i use for monitoring and aim and menus.
my gs is watercooled, and voltmoded about.03 over the normal clock which didnt do much, ill take that down when i get around to it. now when i get over 510/1.20 i get instant artifacts over that, but the card run fine up to 540, besides the super artifacting, the highest score ive hit in 3d mark05 is around 6150 with maybe slight artifacting, which is from what i can tell is great for the card. Now is there anyway i can tweak XP to get more performance, i run everything at lower quality in windows which is find because all my menus run off the onboard grafixs. also im almost positive my core wont go higher without more volts, what do you thinks safe??? and with rivara tuner should i have all that sidebanding and stuff on?

thanks guys

also if i cant force all of the grafix load to the 6150 then plz let me know

would a burn in do anything?
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