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Originally Posted by kenyee
point us at the specs for that RAID chip. AFAIK, it's software RAID still. You're not going to get inexpensive onboard RAID was the point of the previous thread :-(
I'm not sure about any specs, except that it is the VIA VT8237/VT6240. I had raid working on my MSI motherboard, with the VT8237, but it didn't say anything about VT6240. I'm not sure if that is part of the VT8237, or if it is just a driver for it. I imagine that it is a software raid, but I'm not positive. I may be wrong, but I think that it will work in Linux raid, if I know how to install it properly. That is why I was asking about the organization of data on the second raid drive. I believe that I can partition the first properly, but since nothing is shown on the second, I have no idea of how it is being dealt with.
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