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nvidia have been showing a graph of similar results for Doom 3 for months now. I believe it was 1280 x 1024 at 2AA.

As Ut2003 also shows a big improvement at 1600x1200 for the FX over the 9700 Pro with no AA I would suggest that yes it is an indication of raw fillrate for these latest games. This sort of goes with what nvidia have been saying about the FX being for the latest or future games with this strange 8x1 / 4x2 flexible architecture.

I think people are forgetting that the FX does outperform the 9700 Pro at most non AA/AF resolutions, just not by much and about to be eclipsed by the R350.

Maybe it will be good for Doom and future games, but the nv35 will be better for those games of course. I can't see the point in the nv30 now, it missed it's window of opportunity ( to quote a terrible Dilbertesque phrase ).
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