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Give me a break peopple...

1. There is no way the Nv30 is running enything but the Nv20 build in that alpha leak. Becuas thats the only Nvidia path in there at that point. meaning 12bit Fixed Function Vertex processing and PS 1.1 support. Vs, ATi running in FP 24 mode, and high percision.

2. I happen to know for a fact that Several of the key R300 fetures were not implimented into Doom-III until a couple months ago. Like For instance Doubble sided Stencil support.

3. I have been told that the current build of doom-III is VASTLY more complex than the E3 Alpha. In some scenes it actually has *up to* 100x the Overdraw of Quake 3. Due to various lighting effects being used.

This is another example of sub-standard Reviewers offering misleading information to the public. Neither they nor anyone else has ANY business posting benchmarks from a hacked together unfinished ALPHA verion of Doom-III.

Not that it suprises me looking at some of the other things they state in that *review*.
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