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Default Re: Image guidelines?

Only thing with such sites, other then hosting the images in one's own webspace, is, well

- if they require a fee to upload pics, or which is in addition to one's own ISP's monthly internet fee. If it's not free, it would be less convenient (financially) for posters around here

- Some sites also have a tendency to add advertisments to the their pages, and next to any images people might view. Something that doesn't occur on one's own webspace connected to their broadband Internet service (which itself isn't cheap in many cases) or otherwise.

It could help reduce the need to scroll through threads, but the above mentioned downsides I would also wonder about. At least some of us can put pics up on the web, which are both ad free, and financially free to us.

There would also be the matter of linking images from other webpages, in which saving a copy and then reposting it (beyond taking up additional storage space for a duplicate image) could also bring up questions of copyright where a web admin might prefer a link to their page, to a straight out grabing of their image onto other media. Different websites have different preferences wrt images found on their own site...
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