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Default Re: DDO i didn't think turbine could do it

Originally Posted by superklye
I think the MMO D&D aspect is really cool (D&D based games are still my all-time favorites for PC games), but I really just want to have a good, long single-player game BG2, but with the 3.5 rules and killer graphics.

I'm hoping NWN2 can pull it off...

But on a related note, I'm glad to hear they were able to do the D&D thing well in the MMO setting. I read up about it a month or two ago in PCGamer and it sounded awesome. I just can't justify the monthly fees for MMOs because I usually don't have a lot of time to play because of work and school.
Yeah I hear you on the time thing for the Monthly fee. It's hard to plop down money each month, and not feel like you have the time to play.
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