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Originally posted by Hellbinder

Then i guess you need to learn to ******* Read then eh???

The Nv30 is 1/2 the speed of the R300 when it runs ARB2 like the R300 does. It *GAINS THE SPEED BACK* when it runs its dedicated path, which i happen to know is only 12bit Fixed Function for vertex processing and 64bit floating point color. Vs 96bit floating point color, and 128bit Vertex processing on the R300.

Meaning that in the end, the Nv30 is and i quote *SLIGHTLY* faster than the R300 in most cases, with the R300 being faster in some. With the Nv30 running in a lower Precision accross the board. AND having the added benefit of 175mhz core advantage. That is BEFORE we even take AA or AF into the equation.

Where you even came up with the idea that the Nv30 is Twice as Fast is beyond me...

You guys need to do yourselves a favor and forget about these Alpha numbers now. Otherwise you are going to be really dissapointed again when the final game comes out and the GFFX is not 10-15 FPS faster. They are literally neck and neck. With any AA turned on at all the GFFX gets Trounced.

You can Quote me on that last statement if you want.

hey........i knew about ARB2 and got that right when i read what JC wrote, but if i understood incorectlly about nv30 using it's own path i appologize and thnaks for update.
i really thought that nv30 was twice faster when using it's own path......

no hard feelings?
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