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Default Re: DDO i didn't think turbine could do it

Since it lacks more rules and adds more none D&D rules then NWN then I don't see how it could feel more like D&D. While every MMO has borrowed something from D&D, this game that is suppose to be D&D does not have the nessecary rules and combat feel that D&D has at all.

I mean a -4 to hit if you move? No AOO if you run by an enemy, get sneaked on, do a special action or use a ranged weapon in melee range. No flanking? That is a HUGE feature that Rogues and ALL groups use in PnP.

Heck the game only has 10 levels AND no prestige classes... even NWN had prestige classes. Oh and you can only rest once in a dungeon, no random encounters if resting and your HP is healed way too much when resting (its 1HP per level).

Im guessing you don't actually play the PnP game since you can't see that.
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