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Default Re: DDO i didn't think turbine could do it

Haha I played PnP for almost 20 years. The point isn't it beign exactly d&d. But it feelings LIKE d&d. NwN did not feel like d&d. It felt like Diablo/dungeon siege with some of the rules of forgotten realms. But never actually felt like i imagined D&D would feel like. As was said for like over a year and a half. That certain things had to be removed and certain things had to be added. I am talking about the general feel of the game when dungeon crawling.

As for the only 10 levels. I have heard this is temporary, and at the same time. i tend to wonder about spells 10th and above. For instance Mavins worldweave, how exactly would one impliment that at level 11? I think they ahve to take baby steps and things do need to be changed, to fit the mmo role. As for dieties well...if the game had both things you want, those would be killable by players would they not? empire of magic somewhat showed that. i mean what your discussing here is somewhat the same sort of stuff thats been talked about in d&d forums for eyars now, heh.
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